Westcombe Park

Westcombe Park is a brand new garden village with landscape at its heart, combining high quality new homes with a range of new amenities parks and open spaces.

In an area rich in heritage, Westcombe Park is named after the 17th century family whose estate encompassed the current site.

Westcombe Park is set around ancient woodland and is designed as a garden village with landscape at its heart, creating a series of welcoming new green spaces as well as preserving the existing environment. There will be plenty of opportunity for outdoor sport and recreation with sports pitches and pavilion, children’s play areas and allotments.

A new neighbourhood centre will become the focal point for the community, providing day to day amenities including space to accommodate a new medical centre should it be required.  Land has also been set aside for a potential new primary school and nursery to be delivered by Essex County Council.

Heybridge Wood in the centre of the development is itself a designated Ancient Woodland that has had continuous woodland cover for at least four centuries. As such it is rich in wildlife including many rare species and habitats, so preserving its 12 acres of native woodland was crucial.

By prioritising the landscape, the creation of Westcombe Park has in fact allowed the ancient Woodland to be conserved in perpetuity and managed by the Land Trust in a way that will increase biodiversity, allowing the public and wildlife to enjoy the space together. A network of footpaths and cycle paths link the areas of green space, while existing trees and hedgerows are retained allowing nature to thrive.